Thursday, May 26, 2011

For my babies

This one goes out to my munchkins.
Thanks to Timmy B at Black 13.  I love it.

(In case you can't tell where this is, it wraps around my left hip)


Zan Marie said...

Hi, Aven,
I do like your new tat, but I'm also doing an experiment with my new browser and trying to comment. Since late Wednesday I'm only been able to comment on my own blog. bummer.

Aven said...

Thanks, Zan Marie
And your experiment worked. *g*

Zan Marie said...

Have you noticed that your followers are missing? Most of them are on the blogs I follow. I'm finding a pattern, also. If comments go to a popup box instead of at the end of the page, they go through. At least I can comment some places, like here.

Deniz Bevan said...

(Word verification: flograt. Hmm...)

Aven said...

Thanks, Deniz :)