Thursday, May 12, 2011

Facebook Spellcheck

Yesterday I posted on an author's Facebook page that I enjoyed her book and jokingly chided her for the cliffhanger ending [which I secretly and sadistically enjoy. Not sure why I like the torture of those endings, but I do. I'm weird. I know.]  Anyhow, someone [needlessly] jumped to the author's defense and her reply was saturated with spelling errors.  I didn't call her out for it; it's a pointless argument.  For all I know, English is her second language.  Or maybe she just doesn't care.  But the fact that she's defending someone's writing style, but doesn't take the time to fix the red spelling errors seems a little off to me. Here's how it went [I've deleted the poster's name and profile picture. I put the errors in bold, not because I think y'all are stupid*]:

Illusions was wonderful--a pleasure to read. but woman, you are simply evil for that cliffhanger ending ;)
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    • D.R. ikr? she left us hanging!
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    • Aven McNab I know, but I honestly kind of like the torture of cliffhangers-for a little while. then I start thinking about how long till the next one...
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    • J.E.   Cliff hangers are a good move for almost any wrighter because it leaves you wanting to read more. So when the next book comes out, you bye it. plain and simple :) But it also depends on how much you like the book, and some people don't want to read the book that comes after a cliff hanger so I gess its a 50 50. I think it was a smart move for this serise because aprilynne already has readers infested in her books all she has to do is make them want more.

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    • J.E.  and wright really good books to keep them intorested. THAT ISNT EASY FOLKS!

      *I can see how "infested" and "bye" didn't get flagged as misspellings; they are spelled correctly, just wrong words.  Not to mention the contractions missing their apostrophes.  Am I the only one who reads over her post before posting?  I don't think so.  The irony of this being posted on an author's page is what gets me.


Deniz Bevan said...

Infested, lol! Don't get me started on spelling errors. More than once I see errors on people's posts and comments and think "it's your language people! get with the programme!" I mean...

Am I expecting too much? Is it wrong to want the general education level of society to be just a tad higher? Anyway, I'll get off my high horse.

Kyetra said...

That is just too funny. Those spelling errors don't drive me too crazy, (since I am a terrible speller), but you are correct. If you are commenting on a author's page, try to get it right.
I do hate to see the people use "gooooing to bed" or "with myyyyy booyfriendddd". Do more letters add something I am not aware of? Or am I just old?

Aven said...

I don't think it's asking too much at all. I've accidentally misspelled things, and corrected them. Maybe I'm being neurotic about it, but her posts were over the top with errors. What must the author think of their readers?
I hope it's not that we're old, lol. I can't stand the extra letters either. Just the other day, I noticed a car in the hospital parking lot, covered in pollen. On the back windshield someone wrote, "Pls Pls waash meee." If you took the extra letters you could almost spell out the first two please[s]. Did that save any time? No. It just looks stupid.

Me said...

It sometimes enrages me to see all that language abuse!
As an English teacher (English as a foreign language, mind you) I can't stand it! Especially if the person doing it is a monthertongue speaker!
It seems so utterly lazy and careless to me! It's your language, your way of communicating, for crying out loud!
So yeah, I am bothered! And yes, I do read over my posts and blogs, but....I sometimes don't get all of the mistakes out.
we're only human.