Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tattoo Frenzy

There’s a tattoo thread over at the Compuserve Writers Forum.  It’s got a few of us craving more ink.  Three weeks from today, and my half-sleeve will be finished.  How long will I be able to wait for the next one?  Not sure.  The funds will likely make that decision for me.
I have ideas for my next five.  
#1: Inside the right upper arm—all my kids names end in the letter “n.”  I want a lower case N done in the story book fashion like the picture below, with all the kids names leading up to it, like a fairy tale story, only backwards.
     (Image above taken from a search of Google images)
With their names stacked up (above), the tattoo will loosely resemble the number three, which I like for some reason.
#2:  Left shoulder/back—Black and grey portrait of my maternal grandfather, using a picture taken of him shortly after returning from WW2 (1943ish) angled so that he looks at …
#3:  Back—a black and grey portrait of my maternal grandmother, from her “Beauty” portrait done her freshman year in college.

#4:  Right shoulder/back—black and grey portrait of my paternal grandparents, if I can find the picture I have in mind.  Pop (6’4’’)  holding up Grandmom (not quite 5’) around her waist, or her standing on a stool next to him.
#5:  Back of neck—black sketch of an open book.  I picture it with blank pages, literally like someone doodled it on my skin.  Wispy strokes, a few pages curled up.  

Once I find the actual pictures of 2 and 4 I’ll scan them and post them here with a link to this original blog entry.


Kyetra said...

I really like the storybook letter n. I have been trying to decide on something that has Taft in mind but I could add to if I have more kids. I was thinking the inside of my left wrist with just his birthday in Roman Numerals. Then if there are more I can just put it below it.

Aven said...

That sounds cool, Kyetra. What's the policy on tattoos where you work? Are they accepted there? Where I work, visible tattoos have to be smaller than 1" in diameter and you can't have any on the face or neck. I just wear a jacket all the time to cover mine.

Kyetra said...

Aven - I just saw that you commented back. Sorry that it took so long for me to reply. They aren't too bad on tattoos. Maybe because it is FL and everyone seems to have a few. Nobody ever sees the one on my lower leg since scrubs cover it up. Our hospital is Adventist and I know that they are frowned upon, but with that said, I see plenty of girls with small ones on their necks and their hair pulled up. Wrists seem to be popular. I think as long as they aren't huge and nasty, they leave it alone. The face I think would be a problem.

ADmin said...

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