Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Royal Mile and other Outlander hotspots

May 23: It was a late start today. We all met up at Holyrood Palace only to find it was closed for the Queen. Well, isn't that just the piss in my Cornflakes. How dare she mess up our vacation! Oh well. As my grandfather used to say, "you can wish in one hand, shit in the other, and see which one fills up first."

We got to see Boyd's White Horse, Carubber's Close, Canongate Kirkyard, and ate a PB&J sandwich right where Claire would've sat at the fountain (we didn't litter though). It was really great to walk around Edinburgh, see the lay of the land, and then apply it to our vast Outlander imaginings. We walked down to World's End, had a pint, and saw the trap door behind the bar. Scot asked the bartender if they had any hidden Chinamen down there... to which she gave a confused "no."
Right: Boyd's/Canongate
I can just see Colum and Angus waiting for Jamie and Claire. I doubt they had such fine weather though.
Below: World's End group photo

After a quick lunch we had a few moments to stroll around the Mile. I scouted tattoo shops while the others met up for a pint.

Scott and John were gracious volunteers for a pre-ghost tour show. They where punished for speaking publicly against the king. One lost an ear and the other his tongue. Both were good sports about it. The tour took us underground to the places where Jamie and his smuggling friends would've hidden their contraband. I'd post pictures but they really didn't come out all that well.
Back to Ensign Ewarts for a few pints before dinner. Conveniently located across the street was a cute little store called Ness. Great clothes and purses. We (the ladies) all bought something. Dinner was French cuisine at Petit Paris-good wine, good food, and great company. Yet another bittersweet moment-our last hoo-rah as a group. Sam and Scot did such a great job finding all these places throughout Scotland that fit the descriptions in the books. Their attention to detail is much appreciated, and we are glad our hosts put the time and effort into it. It showed!
(Above: John and Scot @ Ensign Ewarts, discussing music I'm sure; sign in the ladies room to ward off drunkards) (Below: Last group pic @ Petit Paris; Scot & Sam-our amazing tour guides)
So we, the six founding members of the "Grain Tour 2010," strolled off in search of more ale. We ended up at the same place John and I'd found Brenda & Jenn the night before. Everyone is exhausted and a little depressed about ending our trip. I've really enjoyed my time with Brenda and Jenn, and hopefully this won't be the last we see of each other. But all good things must come to an end....whoever started that line was an asshole. I don't want good things to end :(

May 24: Tattoos and shopping! I got to Studio XIII Gallery at 10:15-right on time for my appointment. David (Italian artist who did my tattoo) got there shortly after and sketched up my design based on the one I'd left the day before. It was perfect. John, Erin, and Scott went shopping while I got inked. After I was done, we all went across the street to World's End for ales...what else? They didn't name it the "Grain Tour" for nothing. (Pics:before, during, and after)
Our goodbye was tearful, but plans were made for Scotland themed parties in the future involving Scotch whisky and looking through pictures...and probably a game of "That's what she said."

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