Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bronwen is definitely an Oggs

It's very strange to watch your children grow up. To see the traits of yourself, and family members long since passed, emerge in them. Even if they've never been around them to adopt the gestures/attitudes.
The last time I was at my dad's house he asked me... "So what's it like to watch yourself grow up?" He was referring to Bronwen's resemblance to me. I thought, I don't know, I didn't see myself grow up in the first place.
(Top: Me Bottom: Bronwen)
My grandfather, Billy Oggs (or "B" to our family), died when I was 16 so none of my children knew him. But everyday I see him in my daughter.
(Gaga & B, a.k.a. I'belle and Billy)
When Bronwen is told "NO" or doesn't get her way, she marches off and finds something to throw. She'll yell NO or DON'T! She'll find a door to slam or walk up to the table and hit it. And I keep expecting to hear her yell "GOD DAMMIT!!!" just like her great-grandfather, grandmother, and mother.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Insert Clever Title Here

So there's a Church of Christ very close to our house. Their sign out front usually has who's the most recent members and baptisms, typical stuff. But every now and then they try to put something clever up. The newest one was almost a paragraph so I didn't get the whole message until I'd driven by about four times. But here's what it says: "Honk If You Love Jesus. Text Message While Driving If You Want To Meet Him Now."
It's funny if not a little morbid. But what strikes me as more than a little ironic is that the message is so long that it would more than likely make you wreck if you tried to read it all at one go. There's no good place to pull over to read it since both sides of the road are ditches. Most people would have better luck driving while texting than reading. As I said, it took more than a couple of drive-bys for me to get it.
As the host (Marc Maron) of my new favorite podcast says "WTF?"
I'll try to get a picture before they take it down and post it here. (and here it is...)