Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Were ___ ______

No, I’m not going to blabber about We Were Promised Jetpacks again (even though I stand by my obsession 100% and anxiously await a new album this year).  
Today, it’s all about We Were the States, a great band (brings to mind The Pixies a little) with not anywhere near enough airplay.  This is so typical of the Nashville music scene.  An awesome band that falls on the deaf ears of Music City’s Cliques.  It’s damn near impossible to get going musically here if you aren’t a Golden child of one of Country music’s Darling chart-toppers. 
Last year they played SXSW (for the third? Year) and took a spot right up there with Dr. Dog and Broken Social Scene for surprise blowout bands.  
So why aren’t they breaking out all over the U.S.?  Because they’re in this black hole of a music industry town.   Truly, it's a Travesty.  It's a Sham.  It's a Mockery.  It's a traveshamockery!!!   Please, take a listen and spread the word if you like them.  They could use some exposure.

p.s. I know that sounded pretty bitter.  What can I say?  I'm a bitter person tonight [this morning].  I think I'll listen to these albums some more.  That'll put me in a better mood.
p.p.s. Thanks to Devin for turning me on to this band.  Work didn't suck nearly as bad tonight.

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