Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How many days until...

the new Jules Watson book arrives?   Four.  This woman is second only to Diana Gabaldon.  And we all know how I feel about her books.  Obsession.

my tattoo gets finished?   Seven.  Absolutely, positively Can Not Wait!!!!!

my income tax rebate gets here?   Seven.  Too bad it'll probably be spent on the house.

the new JR Ward book is released?   Twenty-eight.  Not sure if I'll have time to re-read the series before that happens.

the Old 280 Boogie?   Fifty-three.  Just me and the kids, I'm afraid.  John's up to his neck in Anatomy and Physiology...pun intended.

Bronwen's birthday?  Fifty-five.  Holy Atomic Pile, Batman!  My youngest will be three years old!

my birthday?   Eighty-six.  Both feet firmly planted in the "Thirties."

Bonnaroo?   One-hundred and nine.  Fingers crossed because the line-up this year will melt your face off.

Let's just stop there for now.  Any number bigger than 109 would just make me sad.


Joanne said...

Never heard of Julie Watson. I'll have to check her out. I love Diana Gabaldon.

Aven said...

It's actually Jules Watson. She has a series based in Scotland 1 BC-The Dalriada Trilogy. Amazing! Highly recommend it. The newest book is a retelling of Queen Maeve of Ireland. Looking forward to it.

Joanne said...

Sorry, must have read that wrong. My granddaughter is actually named after Queen Maeve!

Aven said...

How cool! I love that name. All my kids have Celtic-ish names, too.