Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get Off Your Ass And WRITE!

Writing Bootcamp for Procrastinators—Ivan Coyote

Any way I try to describe Ivan Coyote’s class, I find it entirely lacking.  You simply have to be there.  Honestly.  I’ll bullet-point the highlights, but really it was the most motivating class the whole weekend.  I will not miss one of her workshops next year.  
*Figure out what routines work for you.  If you grew up in a small house with upwards of 10-15 people in it at any given time, a quiet place might not be for you.  If you are distracted by nature, don’t write next to a window no matter how many times people tell you to sit somewhere “inspiring.”
Try all kinds of routines.  Mornings/Nights. Busy coffee shops/the oversized, well-lit closet, far away from ALL noise. With or without music. TRY EVERYTHING until you figure it out, and own it.  It doesn’t matter if NO ONE else does it that way.  YOU do. 
*Give yourself a deadline.  Ivan actually got her first full length novel (later published it) from NaNoWriMo.  If there’s a writer’s group, join it.  Make sure there are writers you think are better than you—give yourself something to strive towards. 
*Write. Every. Single. Day. 
Make the time.  Utilize the time.  Practice!  You wouldn’t show up to the playoffs without training first.  You won’t write well without practicing that either.  
Ivan said that at the beginning of NaNoWriMo, it was taking her three hours to get out the daily 1,667 words.  A few weeks later, she was getting that in forty-five minutes.  You Will Get Better With Practice.

Damn, I’m motivated all over again!


Brittany said...

Love this one~ I think I should save up and go next year... this workshop sounds like what I need. Wish I could find the time... or I guess, wish I had the motivation to find the time... :)

Aven said...

I'm here to tell you, Surrey is the opportunity of a lifetime. Really!
I learned more in those workshops than I have in a year's worth of Googling.

Brittany said...

LOL! Googling~ I do that, too! I've enjoyed reading your blogs about Surrey. Thanks for sharing what you learned~ It has crossed my mind more than once that I should go next year. I put my writing on the back burner within the last year... and I hate that. Now I need to get back to it~

Aven said...

I have an AmEx Delta skymiles card and used the points to get a free flight. I should be able to do that next year too. After that I figured up the costs from this year [hotel/conference/two Master Classes/breakfast/dinner thurs&sun/drinks/books] and if I put back about $150 per month I could do it easier next year instead of paying in lump sums for each thing.

p.s. I'm taking my time to write up a Highlights of Surrey blog, should have it up tomorrow.