Friday, September 18, 2009

Sometimes your horoscope is actually useful

This was originally posted via Facebook August 13, 2009. I find that it's appropriate this week since I have started to write a book. Who knows how long it'll take me since most of my days are like this........

"Thursday, Aug 13th, 2009 -- You are not likely to veer off course today, even if an alternate route looks better than the one you have already chosen. One of your strengths now is to be able to recognize that there are different ways to reach the same goal and that what works for someone else isn't necessary your best choice. Graciously acknowledge the ideas that are presented to you and then get back to what you were doing."

Looks like my horoscope is spot on today. So, what started out as the day from hell, is gonna be alright.

To start the day off right, coffee in hand, I have a not so great conversation with my mortgage person. She tells me that instead of $8700 in closing costs (which we couldn't have come up with anyway) it's gonna be $9900! If I had nearly $10,000 sitting around, I wouldn't need to refinance my house! So our refinance is off. But now we can pay cash for our Scotland trip instead of putting all our savings towards the refi.

Fast forward to 10am-ish, and Ian presses some magical button on the remote that cuts off our cable. Every damn channel is ant wars. Steam now shooting out of my ears, I declare TV broken, and that's that. Bronwen waltzes over to the TV a few minutes later, turns it on, and works again.

So lunch time arrives. I'm fixing the boys some nourishment, and I hear what is either water pouring onto the floor, or someone peeing on it. Now, both the little ones are wearing diapers, and I am hoping like hell that Dagan hasn't taken up the habit of peeing where he shouldn't. I look around to find Bronwen holding a tub of Vaseline in one hand and the other crammed in the jar squishing it vigorously. She has the equivalent of boxer's gloves worth of goo on both hands. Good news is, that's the only place the stuff made it. Quick and easy clean up, but now we're out of Vaseline.

SO! I'm going to listen to my horoscope. I'm going to "graciously acknowledge the ideas that are presented" and start writing all my daydreams/ideas down on paper (or a Word document most likely). Who knows, maybe I'll have enough for a whole book. Goddess knows I've read plenty of them.

Here goes. I'm making lemonade out of my lemons. If things keep going like today, I'll need some Vodka to put in it though.


FireLight said...

Aven! What a joy to see you here! Great photos!
I tried to FOLLOW, but I am on my PC at school and the system blocked that option. I will take care of that as soon as I get home today!
My daily life follows a similar pattern, but my "kids" are literally two grown men, three dogs, and a cat. But I must add "Blog" even though am not always here every day!
Rinse & repeat? Love it! Is that a nursing term??
Hugs to one of my finest students ever!!!

Aven said...

Nope, it's on the shampoo directions, lol. Glad to see you on here too. I've been enjoying your posts. Great stuff.
Hugs back to the best English teacher in the world!!!
P.S. Do you still attend the Highland Games @ ASF? There are few games up this way, but I look forward to taking the kids soon.