Friday, September 18, 2009

Old Christmas Story

This was originally written December 4, 2007. I was 6 months pregnant with Bronwen at the time. So, here's our story of going to see Santa.......

So today's the big day. We're going to see Santa. And like all excursions in my family, there were plenty of obstacles. I picked up Dagan from school as usual, no problems yet. He sat down to have a snack and some juice before the big trip to the mall. Ian was asleep on the couch. Now, Dagan knows we don't play with things at the kitchen table....It's a rule, always has been. He decides to try to open a big yellow highlighter, which is difficult for 6 year old hands. He pulls as hard as he can and WHAM!!!!!! The cup of juice next to his hand goes flying all over me and the floor. I'm about to lose it. So, in my usual fashion, I fly off the handle and ferociously tell Dagan that "this is exactly why we don't play with stuff at the table!!!!!" I swiftly clean up the mess. By now, Ian is awake. I fed Ian, and get the boys dressed in their new duds, and off we go. We find the mall okay (we've never been to the swanky mall in Brentwood/Cool Springs before). I get out of the car, lock the doors (still open), and open the trunk. As I close the trunk, the last open door swings shut with Ian and my purse safely locked inside. To my ever increasing demise, Dagan had already exited the car having securely shut his door. Which, by the way, he can't seem to do any other day of the week. Thankfully, a nice rich lady let me borrow her phone and I called John. He's on his way. Thank the Gods! Another generous passerby offers to get security for me. Two old guys and a kid who didn't look old enough to be driving the security truck show up. Dagan and I are freezing, and Ian is very content and warm in the car. Security calls the Fire dept. After a 5 minute wait and maybe another 5 minutes to break into my car, Ian (as well as my purse/phone) is FREEEEEEEEE!!!! This is what Christmas is all about. Helping our neighbors and being kind to others. So spread the holiday spirit, and be nice to people even if you're in a bad mood. It'll make your day a little brighter. P.S. The visit with Santa went great. Both the boys look handsome as ever!

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