Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Addendum to The Writing Life

Ahem. It has been brought to my attention *g* by Deniz over at The Girdle of Melian (who has her own synopsis of a typical writing day) that I neglected to tell y'all about my work-writing day. Well, I work every Friday and Saturday--nightshift in the ICU--plus either a Monday or Wednesday due to my husband's class schedule. I prefer to do nightshifts all in a row, but shit happens like Husband's Decision to Make a Career Change.

So! My Friday and Monday consists of the same schedule I posted earlier except I leave for work at 6pm, work until 7am (writing when I can*), home by 8am, then sleep all day Saturday, waking up at around 5pm to go back to work. This crazy schedule means I stay up for around 26-28 hours straight--twice a week. Sunday, after work, I usually sleep a little later, waking up at 7pm-ish to cook dinner and get the kids to bed so I can read or write** after they're asleep.

*Writing at work is hit or miss. If we're busy, I get nothing done. Flu season is on its way so I won't even try. But on the nights when I'm the Charge Nurse, I can usually get a thousand words in between my paperwork, starting IVs, admitting patients (or as another Charge Nurse calls it...Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic) and putting out theoretical fires as they come up.
**The back and forth of dayshift/nightshift (especially since I can't work all three nights in a row anymore) has taken its toll on my brain. I can't write anything worth a shit when I've slept so erratically. That means Sunday nights and Tuesday nights are usually a wash for writing. But I try anyway, even though I don't typically keep what I's jibberish.

There you have it. My crazy schedule. It's no wonder I drink so much coffee and have a messy house. I've learned to accept the clutter and walk around it. Life is too short to spend it all on chores.


S.P. Bowers said...

Life is too short to spend it all on chores.

Hear Hear!

Aven said...

Ha. I didn't think I'd get too much argument over that line *g*

Deniz Bevan said...

Ick, chores!
Took an afternoon off work today cos a cleaning service which I got from one of those Groupon/Tuango/whatever deals was supposed to come by but they sent a message saying the cleaner got lost and could we reschedule...
Oh well, got tomorrow's blog post done and now have the night free to type.
How can you sleep on Saturdays with everyone in the house????

Aven said...

Two words: Ear Plugs.

Deniz Bevan said...

Aha! [g]

(word verification: tardbraz. Is that a tardy bratty kid?)

Zan Marie said...

Hi, Aven. I'm catching up on your post and I'm tired from reading it. Of course, as a person with a sleep disorder, I can feel your pain...I just can't imagine doing it on purpose. ; )

Aven said...

Zan Marie,
I keep telling myself, "Self, you can do anything for fourteen months. Cowboy up and get on with it." But I'm counting down the days until his graduation.